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5 Fantastic Cultural Festivals In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the most vigorous region of the world. It is a well-developed cultural city that has strong economic status. The city is full of lights and strongly follows all the rituals of Chinese culture. It gives you the ethnic fusion of Chinese tradition and culture. The citizens celebrated traditional events and all the festivities in Hong Kong. From enlightened modern festivals to typical folk events. It gives you pleasure and the true color of beauty that bring happiness to everyone’s face. Most hospitable people of this beautiful region the time ready to warmly welcomes travelers and tourists.

Moreover, if you are planning to travel to this city full of lights, you have to mark the date of upcoming festivals in your calendar. Don’t be panic, here is the list of the most fantastic cultural festivals that celebrated throughout the year in Hong Kong.

  1. Arts Festival

The art festival is the annual event celebrated in Hong Kong. it is the artist gathering that organizes in china. The parts of this festival are dance, music, drama, Chinese classical music, and opera. All the famous operas and ballet dances performed by the experience actors of theatre and stage in this festival. This festival serves modern art operas and also organizes art and craft exhibition that shows Chinese cultural values. For more exciting festivities that fascinate you offer the rituals of these festivals with Kkday discount code.

2. Cheung Chau Bun Festival

Cheung Chau Bun Festival is a Taoist festival that celebrated all the rituals of Chinese culture. This festival is the mark sign of the birth of Buddha an organized in the rural area of Hong Kong. It attracts tourists and spread tourism through its cultural values throughout the year. Kwon Kam Kee is the important factor of this festival where the people consume approx 6000 buns. These buns are also used as the decorated part of the festival.

3. Ghost Festival

The ghost festival is the origin of Chinese festivals and Buddhists. This festival celebrated dead ancestors, and realms of Hell, Heaven, and earth according to their beliefs. The people do get up of dead persons and wear a costume of ghosts to make them scary and horrible for this ghost festival.

4. Lunar New Year Fair

The lunar new year is the celebration of the Chinese new year that is celebrated according to the date of the moon. This festival is celebrated with flowers, fruits, and plants. There is also a special place for dry fruits in thios new year celebration festival. Lots of visitors come and buy different kinds of flowers, fruit, and plants this new year’s eve.

5. Lantern Festival Hong Kong

The lantern spring festival is the prettiest festival in all the world. There are lots of lanterns flying up into the sky. It is a traditional Chinese festival that was celebrated 2000 years ago. This is the loveliest and most exciting festival in Hong Kong for the kids like solving a puzzle.

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