Sammy EHR vs Docutap EMR Review

Sammy EHR

Sammy EHR is a powerful, convenient, and affordable medical practice management solution. The platform offers features such as Patient portal, e-prescriptions, and charting. With its flexibility, users can easily customize the platform to meet the needs of each physician and patient.

Patient portal

Sammy EHR is a HIPPA-compliant Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management Software. The software is ideal for small to medium-sized practices and offers many valuable features for doctors and their staff.

It includes a patient portal that allows clinicians to make appointments, fax reports, and send secure messages. Additionally, the system has an automated appointment reminder that reduces no-show rates.

Users of the system can also import and export clinical pictures. These images can be attached to the patient’s chart and can be viewed by medical experts.

Sammy EHR also provides an e-prescription capability that lets doctors write prescriptions virtually. This saves time and prevents mistakes. Moreover, e-prescription orders are sent directly to the patient’s preferred pharmacy. In addition, the system can alert users to potentially dangerous drug interactions.


Sammy EHR is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) software solution for small and medium-sized practices. It offers several features to help practitioners improve their workflows and boost their efficiency.

It is HIPAA-compliant and integrates with medical billing software. This allows providers to store images, notes, and claim submissions. The system also has a patient portal, making it easier for patients to access lab results and medical records.

This is also a great tool for doctors to prescribe medicines without having to leave the office. In addition to that, patients can now make appointments online. With this feature, there is less likelihood of latecomers and no-shows.

The practice management system of this software can be customized to fit any business. Besides that, the system is easy to use.

Scheduling an appointment

If you are looking for an EHR that will help your practice schedule patients, Sammy EHR is a good choice. It’s a free system that offers a host of great features and services.

The platform is easy to use and offers a streamlined workflow. This EHR is ideal for small and midsized medical practices.

Whether you’re a doctor, dentist, or ophthalmologist, Sammy EHR has the tools to make your practice run more smoothly. You can keep track of your data, make sure you are compliant, and more.

The tool also helps you catch errors. For example, when you schedule an appointment, the program will automatically remind you if you make a mistake.

One of the most important parts of your medical practice is appointments. When you schedule a patient, you need to be able to verify their insurance eligibility. Without this information, your cash flow could be impacted.

Charting process

Sammy EHR is an electronic health record that makes the connection between patient and doctor easier. It offers a variety of features including secure messaging between physicians and patients. In addition, it also helps practitioners keep track of data and patient demographics.

Sammy EHR is cloud-based, which allows it to be accessed from any Internet-connected device. This makes it a convenient system that can be customized to meet the needs of individual practices.

The software provides users with features that allow them to review and edit patient demographics and medications. Clinicians can also access patient charts and lab results. Also, claims can be submitted and paid online.

The program is designed to make the medical billing process simple and error-free. Furthermore, it is HIPPA-compliant.

The system is free for users to use. However, it is recommended that users take training and re-training after six to eight weeks of use.


For the medical minded, there is a plethora of EHR and EMR systems on the market today. The question is, which of these elixirs is the best for your needs? Some of the aforementioned systems can be found on a variety of platforms such as the Azure Cloud and the Google Cloud. In addition to offering a slew of solutions for small to medium sized practices, SammyEHR also provides the services necessary to make your patients’ experience a breeze. This includes a nifty-looking portal to the SammyEHR cloud, a smattering of practice management tools, and a robust billing and payment system. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which of these tack ons will help you build a stronger foundation for your practice’s growth over the long haul.

Docutap EMR Review

Docutap EHR is one of the most powerful EMR tools on the market. The system offers a user-friendly interface, and a partnership with InstaMed to give you consistent, high-quality patient care. It is also easy to train on, and provides business intelligence and analytics.

User-friendly interface

DocuTAP is a medical practice management software designed for urgent care clinics. It combines electronic medical records and practice management solutions to help healthcare providers increase efficiency and reduce wait times.

The interface is easy to use and adapts to the urgent care setting. It also features a robust support system. InstaMed recently announced a partnership with DocuTAP. This will streamline payments for urgent care practices.

DocuTAP provides a fully integrated turn-key solution that is easy to use, integrates with a variety of medical tools, and can be purchased for any modern tablet. Although the software is relatively new, users can often begin using it before they receive formal training.

DocuTAP also features an impressive analytics platform. Users can view visit statistics, total payments, and more. This gives the healthcare provider and staff an insight into their patient’s health, and helps to streamline the billing process.

Analytics and business intelligence

Business intelligence and analytics are two terms that are often used interchangeably. However, the difference lies in the application, techniques, and focus.

Business intelligence is a type of software used by end users to analyze data and make decisions. These tools allow organizations to improve their processes and operations. They also help to reduce inefficiencies and to identify data management loopholes.

Analytics, on the other hand, are used by data experts to develop future growth strategies. They also perform quantitative and predictive analysis. The tools that are used include statistics, visualization libraries, and predictive analytics.

BI and analytics are both important in the healthcare industry. Today, hospitals are struggling with an increase in patient volume and the need to streamline their operations. To deal with this, they need to automate data collection and reporting. This is made easier with business intelligence and analytics solutions.

Easy to train on

DocuTAP is a well-crafted electronic medical records (EHR) solution that can help you save time and improve efficiency. In particular, it is ideal for urgent care and occupational health specialty clinics.

It is a tablet-friendly software application that is easy to learn and use. DocuTAP’s features include a color-coded scheduling module, an analytics tool, and a plethora of customizable options.

With its many features, DocuTAP makes it easy for multiple staff members to document on the same chart. The system has a built-in E/M coding feature, which helps reduce redundancy and improve workflow.

DocuTAP has an online patient portal, which is another good reason to use the product. This feature allows patients to check their insurance eligibility and pay bills online. Furthermore, it can be configured for workers’ comp visits.

Provides consistent, quality patient care

DocuTAP is a leading EMR (electronic medical record) solution for medical urgent care practices. DocuTAP is a cloud-based solution that provides electronic medical records, practice management and revenue cycle management for urgent care clinics. The flagship product combines EMR capabilities with customizable practice management tools, and offers an intuitive and automated workflow. It is tablet compatible and can be easily installed on desktops and laptops.

Urgent care clinics are able to maximize efficiency with DocuTAP. It provides easy-to-use, paperless charting and templates, and allows multiple staff members to document on the same chart. In addition, it features an advanced scheduling queue, order sets, and a specialist advisor. All of this helps to keep the patient wait time at a minimum. Furthermore, its enterprise dashboard enables healthcare providers to view visit statistics, personal data, and total payments.

Partnership with InstaMed

DocuTAP and InstaMed have announced a partnership that will improve the payment experience for patients and payers alike. This partnership will provide hospitals, urgent care centers, and other healthcare providers with a simple and efficient way to make electronic payments. The partnership will offer a number of features including a user-friendly reporting system, automated processing, and data storage. These features are all aimed at delivering a positive patient experience and improving healthcare operations.

DocuTAP provides practice management software for urgent care centers. By using their solutions, medical offices can easily manage their staff, workflows, and data, ensuring consistent and reliable patient care. A recent study showed that 74% of patients would consider switching providers to a provider that offers a better payment experience.

The latest technology from DocuTAP will enhance the patient experience by offering a new level of convenience, security, and efficiency. With a mobile-enabled application, doctors and nurses can easily track their patients’ progress and receive real-time insurance verification. Other features include order sets, paperless charting, and customizable patient receipts.

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