Interesting Facts About The Online Ludo Game

Everyone has played ludo at least once in their childhood. But somewhere down the road, the craze for the game decreased. Everyone got busy in their life and used smartphones in their spare time. But thanks to quality developers, the game went online and it got popular again. The free ludo online game has since surpassed the popularity of the peak phase of offline ludo.

The play ludo contest games attracted more and more people. The capability to play with family and friends as well as tough opponents from anywhere in the world made online ludo one of the best online games. Most people may see it as a trend but the lovers of the game know that it has been around and played for years. Here are some interesting facts about the ludo game.

It originated In India

The game of ludo can be traced back all the way to the sixth century CE when it was known as Pachisi. Just like chess, it was out of reach of common people and was played mostly among royal people and kings. It is unknown whether they used to play ludo real money games or not.

There are also said to be different time frames when the game was discovered. Although most of them are unrecognized, one that is widely known is the one used in the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata where Shakuni uses a cursed dice to beat the Pandava brothers. The modern “ludo” word has got its name from “Ludus” which is a Latin word. There is no doubt that before a free ludo online game became popular, it was still fun and engaging to play on an actual board.

The Dice Roll In Online Ludo Is Random

Yes, it is true that the online ludo dice roll is completely random and not pre-programmed a certain way. Many players believe that it must be that way because they see their opponents use it to their advantage in a play 6 minute ludo game. The truth is most of the time either your opponent is lucky on the day or they are experienced and more skillful than you at using tokens with a certain dice number.

The dice roll is random just like in offline ludo and you never know what number is going to come. You can’t learn the patterns of the dice or predict the number. It’s solely based on luck but how you use those numbers effectively will determine the result of a ludo real money contest.

Skills Are Required To Become An Online Ludo Champion

Contrary to popular opinion, luck will rarely win you matches as compared to skills. Skills, strategies, and planning are the tools champions have in their arsenal. Every play ludo contest is won by the players who plan and execute better. These skills make a player sharper and more prominent. Yes, the dice roll is random but the champion players even know how to use the number “one” effectively. On the other hand, newbie players fail to understand the importance of “six” and make silly moves.

A player always needs to be sharp and ready to play attacking or defending moves when required. The reason why experience players beat everyone with ease is that they have been practicing and playing a free ludo online game for years and have improved their skills as a result.


The online ludo game is a modern-day sensation and being aware of the facts and strategies will do a world of good to the players. Earning money is a result of improved skills and less reliance on luck. Apps like Squares64 allow you to earn instant money while entertaining yourself and improving your skills. If you love a play ludo contest then this is the best time to start playing it.

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