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Winter Fashion Trends Inspired By Celebrities

Wondering which clothing trends are going to rule this season?

As soon as a slight cold breeze starts to flow attire starts changing according to them, layer by layer everyone adds on clothing. This season stay confident and go for a bodycon dress. And if you want subtle looks then pick colors such as beige, grey, tan, peach, and off-white. Or if you want some bold looks then experiment with a vibrant color palette. We have spotted some celebrities who even in winter have slayed their looks.  

Want some winter clothing inspiration from celebrities?

Have a look at some Hollywood actresses who since the beginning of winter have started wearing knits, dresses, coats, and many more. Especially for you, we have shortlisted some of the clothing styles that will give you stunning looks. For instance, from moto jackets to skirts, and dresses there are a lot of options. It is never a bad idea to follow celebrities for styling clothes. As every other day, you can have a bunch of ways to style one particular attire. The best way is to follow them on any social media site and see what they are wearing. Then craft your attires according to your needs or buy similar-looking clothes.  

Moto Jacket

Are you craving a bike rider look?

In winter one fabric that is the love of every closet is leather. To style, your moto jacket has a look at how Rihanna, Julia Fox, and Kendall Jenner styled themselves. Rihanna paired up her oversized moto jacket with a long black dress. Whereas, Julia and Kendall went for fitting jackets with skin-tight trousers. 

You must have gotten some idea by now. Go for oversize or fitting jackets as they both will look perfect with any attire. Along with this, you can pair up heels, sneakers, or boots. And there is no need for accessories.    

Suit Yourself Up

Tailored suits are a must-have these days for office wear as well as they are appropriate for parties also. If you are planning to go for an interview, then pick up a decent-colored suit. It will leave a good impact on the interviewer, as looks create a strong impact. Take inspiration from Zendaya, when she wore a skirt paired up with a sheer top and suit. On the other hand, Tesa Thompson, and Alexandra Daddario paired up their bra tops with suits and were looking stunning. 

It is not that hard to carry a suit, just remember how you style it. As obviously in the office, you cannot wear a sheer top or a bra top. At that time you need to wear a shirt and avoid glitters. Moreover, change your footwear and accessories according to them.  

Maxi Skirt 

Why should you go out of style in winter?

When you can wear skirts in all seasons then don’t let your clothes go to waste. Take a look at how celebrities have styled their maxi skirts for fall. Gigi Hadid wore a tie & dye skirt with a crop turtleneck top and leather blazer. Whereas, Emily Ratajkowski wore a leather skirt with a plain white shirt. 

Now you too can style yourself with crop tops or shirts with your maxi skirts, and layer them up with jackets or blazers. With this, you can add on muffler as an accessory, as it will add some extra style. And in footwear go for boots or heels. 

Turtleneck Dress

Who doesn’t loves to show off their perfect body shape? 

Turtleneck dresses are all you need to be the star in the sky. You must have seen Jodie Turner-Smith’s dress on the red carpet. With various cuts and embellishments of pearls, the look was spectacular. Another style that you can go for is inspired by Janelle Monae, who paired a red turtleneck dress with an oversized blazer. The look had a fun yet formal feel. So this season don’t let your dresses feel left out. Whether you are going to a party or in formal meetings. Style your turtleneck dress for any time of the day, and look subtle while flaunting your body.  

Get Ready To Craft Your Next Collection!

Don’t let winters spoil your style. As all you need is the right inspiration and then style your attires according to them. Not only this but you can also design your other apparel like sweaters,  hoodies, coats, jackets, blazers, and anything you like for next season. To make your brand look distinctive from others you can go for customization. For that, stop all your worries and craft your collection with Fabriclore. If you are a private label, designer, or enterprise then start printing, designing, and customization, to make your next season’s collection look different.

For the past few years, we are sourcing fabrics from global textile partners such as Birla, Tencel, Lenzing, Liva, and many others. It is serving the textile industry with more than 10,000+ certified fabrics that are sustainable. Make your collection last for a longer time so that people don’t have to buy cheap quality clothes. As low-quality fabric cause a lot of damage to the environment. Make your brand name by providing sustainable clothing. 

Fringe Benefits Of Fabriclore 

Moreover, for people who love fabric, there is no limit to purchasing. From wholesale fabric to retail at a very reasonable price, you can have all the fabrics. Furthermore, fabrics such as denim, tweed, poplin, silk, cotton, polyester, rayon, viscose, organza, taffeta, georgette, and many more with diverse patterns and colors are available. In addition, 10+ printing and embroidery techniques will help you have different designs. Moreover, our in-house designers will assist you if you need any help with customization. Or if you want any ideas for upcoming color and pattern trends with that also.    

Furthermore, even if you are sitting miles away and want to add our fabric collection. Then leave the worries because with our fast and safe shipping services you can have our trusted fabrics. Our services along with India, are also available in the USA, UK, and Canada.       

Get your fabric customized with us for your business purposes or even for personal use and make your collection stand out from others.

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