Will Buying 1 Million Spotify Followers Benefit My Brand?

Having a good amount of followers is essential for a Spotify artist. Still, when the account is new, and the creator is a beginner, they may tend to buy 1000 spotify followers to increase the growth of their channel, but does that benefit their brand? Now let’s learn this further.

To succeed on Spotify, there are three primary Matrices that you need to look at, and those are stream, listener, and followers. They go in the reverse order of followers turning into listeners and listeners turning into streams.

Generating multiple followers

Streams are the metric we want to optimise for streams at the primary indicator. That the song we have put out or the album we put out or whatever is actually succeeding and not just falling on years of streams is also how we earn money from Spotify.

So we ultimately want to be optimised for streams, but if we jump to the end and only try to get streams. We Run the risk of losing longevity as an artist. So we want to go through those previous two steps and build in listeners who will generate multiple streams and then followers who will turn into long-time listeners.


Building followers

 Optimise for all three of this Matrix. There are three distinct strategies to pursue each of them, and the strategies can be mixed and matched, or they can be Pursuit individually. So let’s start with followers. Followers on Spotify are the base level of your overall long-term success on the platform; if you build in followers, those followers will be served out every new release you put out, and they will turn into long-term listeners, which will generate a long-term stream.

So you can drop a song, build in followers, get those listeners, and then have a set of ongoing streams for that track for a long time; that track then becomes an asset on your behalf without you having to do anything.

Now to build followers on Spotify, the place that you want to send them is your artist profile. When the user lands on your artist profile, they can listen to the top selection of songs you have, and the follow button is right re.

 We want them to click that follow button; users are going to play the song that is at the top of the list, which should be the track you used in your order to send them there. When they like what they hear, they are going to hit that follow button, and then hopefully, they are going to listen to your catalogue, and they will stay inside of your data catalogue and remain on your page.

Maintaining the pace

Now next up is listeners. Followers turn into listeners, but if you want to build in listeners and streams rapidly, we want to send people to a different destination. Instead of going to the artist profile, we want to send them to the song directly. Now, this strategy is effective for new releases. This is how you build up away of momentum for a song right when it comes out. So that you can sort of jump that hurdle of popularity score and get the song on to release radar and Discover weekly, both of which are Spotify algorithm playlists that will help to lift the song and carry it over a long side your followers that you can continue to build in on your profile. So sending thrash traffic directly to your song on release day and for the first one to four weeks it is out, is a great way to be for listeners for that specific track and get multiple streams for listeners for that track. 

The first way of sending traffic to your profile is a great way to get people to listen to your catalogcatalogueuenother Another more effective way is to send them to your artist playlist.

Boosting your profile

You can create your playlist on something like the artist’s name. You can make a playlist like this with at least original music. So when someone lands on this playlist day will see the song at the top, which should be the song that you used and decide to play because that is the one they heard the preview of once they hear that song as the kind of date with your artist profile they can choose to follow the playlist. It has the distinct benefit of being moldable, depending on what you are trying to get. So if you have one song you want to boost, you can put that at the top of the playlist. It is an excellent strategy again for new releases. 

You can play streams for the first song in the playlist. It’s a new release when it comes out, and you can also build in playlist followers that will stream.

Every time you drop your song and send them to that playlist, it will get a new song. You send them to that playlist, and they are going to get new music they are going to listen to, hopefully through your catalogue music that is already on there; the more playlist followers you get, the bigger the playlist becomes, and the more streams you are going to get every time you update that playlist in people become back to check it out.

Wrapping up

So these are the strategies why should use to grow your Spotify artist profile; using these three strategies allows you to focus on tension on getting followers with the most streams. Also, you can use just one of these strategies, and it will be immensely affected. There have been many times when follower growth campaigns and artist profiles done nothing else, but the real magic is when you combine all three strategies, it will Boost Your streams and the listeners of that single song as well, as combining this strategy is the best way to optimise listeners and followers on Spotify.

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