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How To Source Your Products This Year 

With the idea of making a terrific entrance into the business realm and using useful business strategies, the big question of where to source the products comes to the top. Your business is definitely revolving around the products you are offering. However, the crucial selection comes when choosing a product source. Whether you should rely directly on manufacturers or look for wholesalers or drop shippers, the question might sound easy, but it is one of those tough mathematical equations that takes a lot of attention to solve.

Whether the brand builds an association with people dealing in wholesale t-shirt Houston or relies on drop shippers for every order, the foundation you will build on your business is your product sourcing strategy. Getting it right at the initial level traces the long way for your business because it is important to plan on getting the products to sell.


Asking yourself a question about where you will source the products for your business will lead you to 3 answers: wholesalers, manufacturers, and drop shippers. However, it is impossible to decide without knowing about their business structure and whether they align with your business goals or not.


They are the first and foremost option for product sourcing. Manufacturers are the companies where products are designed and made. It is the best choice if you have a product idea that has not yet been launched. You can directly work with the manufacturer to come up with the product. However, market demand is crucial for new product design.

Manufacturers usually work on creating products rather than selling them. Thus, they keep their associations limited to wholesalers. However, you can easily get the product if you have direct access to the manufacturer. You can build relationships through trade shows, and B2B marketplaces are the ideal platforms.


The last link that connects manufacturers and retailers is the wholesalers. They sell bulk quantities of products to retailers. It is the easiest option your business can opt for. The wholesale world has expanded over time, and your business can find all the categories you plan to sell. Purchasing in bulk will also reduce the cost, so eventually, you’re benefiting the business.

They are the most manageable option to look for and are even easily accessible to all businesses. You can look for wholesale t-shirts Houston or any other item your company sells. Your single Google search will bring unlimited options in front of you for you to make a choice. Looking for a wholesaling platform is now a matter of seconds. However, finding the right one needs attention.

Drop shippers

If you are a startup and investing in bulk is your initial risk, drop shipping has your back. It allows businesses to partner with suppliers, and as soon as a customer places an order, the supplier is responsible for delivering the required products. It is convenient because the supplier directly delivers the order to the customer.

Partnering with wholesalers that are drop shippers as well will help you. The need for an effective platform is crucial to connecting drop shippers, suppliers and customers, or order placement and delivering the products.


Every strategy has its own set of pros and cons; examining all of them is important before making any decision. Businesses look for cost-cutting and partnering directly with manufacturers that work for them. However, if you are a startup, you surely can’t invest all the amount without guaranteeing the business’s success. The best option for any startup is to look for drop shippers. It reduces the risk of financial loss and keeps the business running smoothly.

 A wholesaler is an answer to your ideal product sourcing strategy if you own a small yet well-established business. You don’t need to have a huge budget for it. You can ideally order for your business if you have the minimum finances and good inventory management control. It is easier when you want to order in bulk and want to save money.

Examine the growth of your business and the budget you have allocated to spend, and get down to the final decision of what product sourcing strategy will suit you best.


From being a startup to reaching potential growth, you must develop a plan that best suits your goals. Your business is about your audience and their needs, which you will cater to through products. However, choosing the right product sourcing strategy is crucial to ensure workflow remains unhindered and smooth.

One needs to define how to make their work easier for every business sector and all categories. Begin with planning what you need and what suits your goals to trace your path to it. Your strategies are in your hands and so is your success. 

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