How to Make Instructional Videos for your Employees

Every corporate needs to excel in the market. And one can be up to par if their employees are productive. As they say, one should hire the right person for the right job. But with proper training and assessment, any employee can become efficient and readily fit into the job description.

If you want to improve employee productivity, then you must make an engaging training program. And a better way to do that is by developing instructional video content instead of boring static slideshow presentations. Additionally, implementing infographics and catchy visual elements can increase employee retention.

Here are some ways to make engaging content that does not let your employees become bored to death!

  1. Select Topic

Identify the area in which your subordinates need training. Without a topic, you cannot let your audience know what the need of the hour is! It should be concise and relevant to your employees. Before topic selection, you can conduct interviews to understand where the error lies. You can also send out a survey to your employees to better know the topic. 

For example, if you want to train your sales representatives on a new program or database change, then use an instructional video that guides them step-by-step. 

  1. Choose Video Style

Next, you must decide on the type of video. Choose the desirable video style that connects your employees with the content. Invest in a great employee training video production that manages to increase productivity! Explainer videos are the safest bet when it comes to employee engagement. 

Further, you can look into the animated video style to connect with your audience. In this case, choose video services that can give you animated instructional videos.

  1. Add Visual Elements

Another way to make your training video great is to add attractive visual elements. Choose a color scheme that best reflects your company logo and interprets its core values. Moreover, it would be best to design it with a visual hierarchy. 

Put important information in the foreground while the supporting content is in the background. Additionally, you can add catchy taglines or idioms that put a smile on your employees’ faces during the training.

  1. Keep it Short

It would help if you kept it concise. Only add necessary information that gets the point across. You can also add some statistics or key facts that quickly capture the attention. Remember, you don’t need to go overboard with a simple message!

A long video can tire everyone quickly. Therefore, your training video must not exceed the 2-minute mark! Explainer videos make it even more concise; choose one when you want to highlight specific pointers.

  1. Add Audio/Voiceover

To retain your audience, insert background music or a voiceover. Audio can make even boring training bearable! Therefore, adding audio or a voiceover can enhance employee retention ability apart from visuals and graphics. 

Add a voiceover where an AI-generated voice reads out a text. However, if you don’t want to make it sound robotic, you can add your voice! But make sure that there is no white noise in the audio; otherwise, it puts a bad impression. You can use some audio filters to cancel out the unnecessary noise.

  1. Image over Text

A simple graphic image is superior to high-level written text! A picture speaks a thousand words. Therefore, use images to create a story. In this case, you can choose to employ an animated video for your training. 

Images become necessary to explain a complex process, as texts can be hard to read. Moreover, a person understands visuals better than a written message. Therefore, you should always prefer to go dynamic by using creative images that enhance a positive training experience

  1. Human Element

Your video should not be monotonous. Rather, it must be engaging with a story to tell; this makes an effective employee training video production process! Incorporating the human element means that your training video should tell a story and connect with the audience emotionally.

What not to do is to use a boring color scheme and textual content. You can go with imagery with emotions and sentiments attached!

  1. Review

You think you have made a perfect instructional video, but constant review is always necessary. Therefore, instill brainstorming in your planning processes – from start to finish. Review your content and be open to receiving any criticism.

People learn from their mistakes, and reviewing can let you do that easily. Additionally, it lets you do some finishing touch-ups and discover any mistakes you would have overlooked. It would be best if you got feedback from your audience at the end of the training and know how much you fared!

Wrap Up

A company cannot prosper if its employees are not rightly trained. Moreover, they must be equipped with the necessary skills and properly trained. In this case, instructional videos can be handy as they readily inform employees about their progress and areas they need to work on. Therefore, you must use modern training methods to increase employee productivity!

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