Amazing Places to Visit in India

A wave of immense pride and pleasure spreads through us, as we realise that we are a part of such wonderful country that celebrates unity in diversity. What makes it even more beautiful is its natural beauty that works like gravity and draws everyone to it. Now, India is a very large nation and everyone has their own list of beautiful states that they want to visit before they die. This short list is not biased and not making any generalisation. It is my own bucket list and you can make one your own.

If you are one of those who just love travelling but has not got enough time to explore the world, you definitely must make some and go visit the places mentioned below. So, pack your bags, book your tickets and get going already…


Sikkim is the north-eastern state of India bordered by Bhutan. Its capital is Gangtok and people here speak Nepali, Lepcha, Limbu and Bhutia mostly. It is one of the most beautiful and cleanest states of India. Quite very stringent about the cleanliness, it is covered with natural hot springs. Yumthang Hot Spring, Yume Samdong hot spring, Taram hot spring, Reshi hot spring, Boring hot spring and a long hot spring are some of the famous hot springs which act as a natural spa. Siddeshwar Dham and Rumtek Monastery are something that you must visit. Sikkim has a dramatic landscape and India’s highest mountain, Kangchenjunga. Home to glaciers, the alpine meadows and myriads of wildflowers, Sikkim is a place whose beauty will never cease to amaze you.


Ladakh is the one of the most sparsely populated and the northernmost region in Jammu & Kashmir. It is divided into two districts Kargil and Leh. Ladakh shares a culture and history, similar to that of Tibet. The Stok Range and the Kang Yatse in Ladakh are its main attraction. Nubra is a high altitude cold desert with rare precipitation and scant vegetation, while Stok Kangri in Stok Range is just the place for mountaineers. It is considered to be the “Himalayan Wonderland” and the site for adventure buffs. Its beautiful landscape, rich cultural heritage and traditions and wildlife make it one of the most popular tourist destinations.


Uttarakhand is a place famous for Hindu pilgrimages in Northern India. The state’s capital Dehradun is a sight to the eyes. It hosts the famous Jim Corbett National Park for giving shelter to the Bengal Tigers and other native wildlife. It’s famous for its evening Ganga Aarti in the banks of the river Ganges. This Arti is more of a spiritual gathering where myriads of people come every day in hope of fulfilment of their dreams and aspirations and a promise of happiness. Uttarakhand is called the “Land of Gods” famous for Rishikesh which is also a major centre for Yoda studies. Haridwar is the abode of Hindu pilgrimages and the entirety of Hindu fate. Char Dham yatra is one of the sacred pilgrimage centre for Hindus from all over the world.

The Uttarakhand mountains, the lush green in Kumaon, hosts the second highest peak in India – Nandadevi. The trek trail is laden with undulating meadows which further elevates into the colossal mountains of upper Himalayas. Uttarakhand is a place that every person who loves to travel must visit any time soon!


Goa famous for its beaches is a state in western India with coastlines stretching along the Arabian Sea. It is a state famous for its huge tourist attraction, never-ending nightlife and the beauty of over 300 Portuguese architectures. It is also considered to be a city of churches and filled with colourful houses. Whether it is an aimless morning way or an abrupt decision of an evening stroll, everything from the characteristically different atmosphere from the rest of the country and the lush greenery appeals to you. It becomes irresistible to just sit idle and makes it difficult to ignore the overwhelming beauty of the state.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the seven union territories in India, surrounded by the Bay of Bengal. What makes it an appealing tourist destination is the palm-lined and white sand beaches including the mangroves and the tropical rainforests. You can get a good view of the coral reefs and the exquisite marine life. If you have watched the movie Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara, and always desired to try out scuba diving, then this is the right time and the place to check out this beautiful island and explore the wonders of the underwater world!

So, what are you waiting for? If you have not visited these places, then please do soon. And if you already have, then hurry and make your own list before it’s too late. Either way, just pack your bags, grab your wallet, book your tickets!

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